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After working hard to build his reputation and expertise

as a Building Surveyor, Lomax is called on by a property

developer to investigate strange events at a derelict

Orphanage due to be converted into flats.

As he tries to account for the strange sightings and noises

as merely  part of the natural movement of the Victorian

structure, Lomax must call into question everything he knows.

Events come to a head, and his hard won reputation is

put to the test as he is forced to listen to the story

this building wants to tell. 

Book 1  :  Every Building Tells a Story

Book 2  :   The Screaming Walls

Book 3  :  Under the Terrace

Book 4  :  Staircase to Somewhere

Book 5  :  Behind the Door

Book 6  :  Some Buildings Never Die

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