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Within the book collection of a recently deceased Freemason,

Liam finds a previously unknown booklet produced

over 300 years ago.

Decoding the lost ritual and hidden meaning in its pages,

Liam is steered towards a shadowy group who

investigate hauntings, visitations, and disturbances at

Freemasons meeting places throughout England.

As he gradually lifts the veil surrounding their activities, Liam encounters a group of ordinary men from ordinary backgrounds - who are the guardians of extra-ordinary secrets.

Book 1  :  Primus Gradus

Book 2  :  Secundus Gradus  

Book 3  :  Tertius Gradus

Book 4  :  Quartus Gradus

Book 5  :  Quintus Gradus

Book 6  :  Supremum Gradum

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