My name is Andrew Fordham and I've been a Freemason since 1999.


'The Lodge' is my first story, and is written as a Serial, with a new Episode published every day.

I have been honoured to serve twice as Worshipful Master in a Craft Lodge, also as a First Principal in the Holy Royal Arch, and as Worshipful Master of a Mark Master Masons Lodge.


After having spent my first career as a Surveyor writing reports and specifications, many of which to be fair, were nearly as long as a book, I decided to become a proper writer.


Writing is now my passion, and I will be publishing several more stories over the next few years, the constant theme being Freemasons as normal people trying to deal with everyday life problems . . . . . in their own way ! 


As a Lodge Secretary I don't get that much spare time, but when I do, I enjoy being with my Family, attending Lodge Meetings, playing Blues Guitar, Watercolour Painting, Fly Fishing, and playing Petanque.

Freemasonry Novels & Fiction,  The Studio,  Old Forge Way,  Sawston,  Cambridge,  CB22 3BZ 



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