In a sleepy English coastal village which hasn't changed much for generations, the local Freemasons face a huge upheaval, so they turn to the new Secretary in despair, and he puts everything on the line to achieve a solution for 'The Lodge'  -  but not everyone is in his corner, and the problems keep coming.


Many of the members have family connections leading back to when 'The Lodge' was founded, and they all share a long history of service, dedication, and commitment  -  and a hidden history of secrets, alliances, and feuds.

With traditions and practices finely honed over the centuries, 'The Lodge' finds itself struggling to adapt and survive in the modern world, and although two decades of the 21st Century have already passed, they have only just managed to arrive in the 20th.

We all know the members of 'The Lodge', because they are mirrored by the characters in our own Lodges  -  ordinary men navigating the choppy sea of life the best they can, and often failing miserably in their attempts.

'The Lodge' is a Serialised Fictional Story, loaded with tongue-in-cheek good clean humour, sharp human observation, and an astute understanding of the difficulties faced by trying to fit the square peg of Ancient Freemasonry into the round hole that is Modern Society.

Read Episode 1 now by clicking below - thereafter access to PDF Episodes is by Subscription at a minimal cost.


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